Thursday, December 30, 2010


For sale are BEAST CARDS!  You read that right!  I am selling sets of ten blank greeting cards.  Each set contains ten original dog drawings.  Each set also comes with ten matching envelopes.  

Send a thank you letter to a friend!  Send a birthday card to your friend!  Send a get well card!  Leave a husband/boyfriend or wife/girlfriend a cute apology note after a lover's quarrel!  Write a letter of resignation to your boss!  Whatever the reason for can now do it on BEAST CARDS!  The best part is that you are donating to help the beasts!

One set of BEAST CARDS is $20, plus $1 for shipping.  There are only ten sets available!  After that...they are gone!

Please email for payment information!  Thanks for supporting ART FOR THE BEASTS!

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