Monday, January 31, 2011

January Recap

It has been a busy month at ART for the BEASTS HQ.  Many dogs were painted.  Two cats have been painted.  Walter Payton was painted, a random grandma with a walker was painted,  so were some Colorado Rockies. 

Here are some pictures.

Thursday, December 30, 2010


For sale are BEAST CARDS!  You read that right!  I am selling sets of ten blank greeting cards.  Each set contains ten original dog drawings.  Each set also comes with ten matching envelopes.  

Send a thank you letter to a friend!  Send a birthday card to your friend!  Send a get well card!  Leave a husband/boyfriend or wife/girlfriend a cute apology note after a lover's quarrel!  Write a letter of resignation to your boss!  Whatever the reason for can now do it on BEAST CARDS!  The best part is that you are donating to help the beasts!

One set of BEAST CARDS is $20, plus $1 for shipping.  There are only ten sets available!  After that...they are gone!

Please email for payment information!  Thanks for supporting ART FOR THE BEASTS!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Two Posters

I am adding two final pieces of art for December.  Both are acrylic on Federal Way Public Schools posterboard.  These will be shipped in poster tubes via USPS.  They are $12.

 Dude #59 (Robert Peary Tribute)

                                                          Keep Your Friends Close

Monday, December 20, 2010

Let's Sell Some Dudes! (December Edition)

The first post.  Each month, I will be selling five dudes (from my collection of 100 Dudes).  Each was painted with acrylic paint on the back of a real Digiorno pizza box.  Each one comes framed and matted on genuine construction paper!  They make a lovely addition to any rumpus room or office.  Buy one, or buy a few!

$10 a dude.  Just think of how much dog food and cat food $1,000 can buy.

Without further are the first five available dudes.

Dude #13

Dude #14

Dude #4

Dude #5

Dude #6